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I know its not much and it’ll hardly fix anything, but I wanted to try to cheer you up. I know you have a lot of distrust in the world, but at least your friends here at tumblr have your back. Your pod’s here for you, and I’d join if you want.


(i am not that great with art, sorry.)

no you are great

i’m like gonna cry

thank you so much

holy fucking shit

this is amazing and i love you

i love all of you so much


I painted/drew ianthe as a whale and everyone who said something nice recently to ianthe as little pink calves.

DHAIR@HpweFHDS hfisDH holy shit HIOYL SHIG MY HEART CANT HANDLET HIS OHFG MOMGOM I WANT TO SCREAM AND CRY AND HOLY FUCK YOU ARE AMAZING THIS IS AMAZING IM GONNA FDSHAIH omg i ltieral i ltierally I CANT EVEN EXPRESS oh mhy god i love you im so happy this is the greatest day of my life im dying

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