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Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliot Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

Not only should you educate yourself but use this for good. Look around you and help others who don’t have this privilege. Hiring, donating, community service, etc.

After this post went viral, the original artist had to delete their tumblr because they were inundated with death threats.

There were people more offended by this comic than offended by the existence of racial disparities—to the point where they threatened this artist’s life.

Are you for real? Jesus…

The bigger issue with Miley Cyrus is her complete obliviousness to the differences in public reaction when it comes to herself versus black people. When Miley Cyrus plays at ratchet, we get three reactions: fangirls/fangays spooing all over themselves telling the internet how much they love her, non-fans giving deep eyerolls and moving on to the next, and middle-aged white people making vague statements about how they’re “concerned” about her state of mind. The reaction she does not get is that if she were shot by a neighborhood watchman, then she deserved it because she flips the bird and does drugs and glamorizes hoodrat behavior.

That’s my problem. My problem is black kids like Trayvon Martin play at being ratchet everyday and the rest of America looks at them like they’re all budding criminals. The defense in that case put Trayvon Martin’s character on trial, by wanting us to infer that he was headed down the wrong path to prison anyway. Because of a few Myspace photos and a toxicology report, we should be glad we got that thug off the streets. They turned him into a thug for doing the exact same things that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber do, the exact same things that millions of little white kids do in their gated communities, driving around in Daddy’s SUV listening to old-school NWA and rolling spliffs and bragging about it on social media.

That is what white privilege looks like. If you are a white apologist who continuously doubts that white privilege exists, ask yourself if Miley Cyrus or any other 20-year-old white girl would be put on trial posthumously if someone shot her for walking around in a hoodie. That is the definition of white privilege.

“ I visited Borders Books three or four years ago. I went to buy a book of poems by Gwendolyn Brooks, an African American poet. When I couldn’t find it in the poetry section, I went to the help desk and was told that it was in the African American section, five or sex shelves near the front of the store on which all types of literature by Black people had been placed. In another part of the store, in a similar setup, was the Gay and Lesbian section—literature of all kinds written by gay and lesbian folks. (I forgot to check to see where they had shelved James Baldwin, who was both Black and gay.)

[…]First, I realized that my sister, for example, was unlikely to encounter anything written by someone gay or African American unless she purposefully searched for those shelves, so her learning was curtailed by Borders’s marketing approach. Second, by organizing books in this way, I think the store was assuming that a reader would want something specifically by a Black author, as opposed to just reading a good novel that happened to be written by an African American.

Third…the rest of the literature section was not labeled “straight white fiction.” Seriously. So a customer could go to the literature section and look through all the books, never aware that all she or he was seeing was fiction by white authors. The pernicious privilege is: simply don’t include the Other, and then act as though the picture is complete. In a sick way, it is brilliant. ”

—    Frances E. Kendall, Understanding White Privilege (via aseanti)

(Source: brutereason, via rains-revenge)

post mlk party continuing updates

The director of the school of theatre was toooo geeked to tell me they just hired new acting faculty and he’s black and Leslie god bless her who is i think the only black theatre faculty rn was like squealing to herself and apparently he’s just the greatest person soooo

And they’re planning 6 Theatre and Race symposiums for the upcoming year and the director was talmbout telling faculty to put it in their syllabi and make it required and the faculty are still doing their diversity retreat next semester to learn about privilege and they’re all getting a copy of this book about microaggressions and she was saying everyone on campus knows about the issues in the department so now they need to step up ans be a good example and they were saying they might look into bringing this guy who specializes in boal and theatre of the oppressed and we might host the YWCA racial summit in the center for the performing arts



I did this. With y’all’s help and support lil ol me actually had an impact

Don’t listen to people trying to shut you down or saying that talking on the Internet doesn’t accomplish shit because they are dead motherfucking wrong and you can tell them that straight from me.

Next stop… autism ~awareness~ month… I’m comin for y’all.

The young men involved in the incident had also engaged in a program called a “peace circle” after the incident, according to William Merritt, during which Herrmann continued to display a lack of understanding regarding his actions.

"You have to look at it as them being teens and not understanding the history behind what they had done," he said of the young men. "Maybe if they had learned more in school they would understand the level of their behavior."

Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20130227/beverly/man-convicted-noose-incident-sentenced-write-black-history-essay#ixzz2MAqY006R

Look at that quote in bold.

Just fucking look at it.

Why do we need Black History Month again?

The internet is failing me on a specific question about cultural appropriation: I understand why it is bad to appropriate things from a culture I, as a white person, don't understand(i.e. Harlem Shake), but why is it okay for a person of color to do so (i.e. Beyonce appropriating Eskista for "Run the World" video). Also, some cultural exchange is natural over time - is it appropriative for me to vogue, when it came out of the gay harlem culture like the harlem shake?

Asked by Anonymous

it’s not okay
cultural appropriation is never okay
i remember in october there were still hipster pictures of black girls dressing up as ~native americans~ for halloween
still not okay
when you get kpop/jpop groups blatantly ripping off black american styles/dances
not okay
but i think people, well particularly white people are less likely to call that out because they don’t want to come off as racist or they don’t know how to approach it or w/e but it’s still not okay.
and while some cultural exchange is natural the problem with the harlem shake thing is bigger bc it’s being completely plucked from its context and is eclipsing the actual record of the thing & white ppl are profiting off of this decontextualized thing
here’s an article i wrote about it cuz im kinda braindead rn but i explained it better — http://tmblr.co/ZCKrWyeOPsai
and i have no idea about voguing but
is that like a significant part of your life
idk i’m tired but i hope some of that answered something

& the harlem shake situation isnt technically cultural appropriation bc it’s not even the original thing that’s being appropriated, it’s more like cultural co-opting & rebranding but its still problematic

lawl~~~ hows your fight against isu/rob/the theatre department/every white person alive? oh that's right you failed....

Asked by Anonymous

yeah it’s going terribly

the entire theatre faculty is gonna be doing a diversity retreat to examine their privilege & biases
they’re working to bring in visiting artists from mixed blood theatre and a couple other places that focus on multicultural theatre
they’re going to start implementing class surveys to measure inclusivity in the classroom
we might be developing discussion groups to supplement the curriculum & there’s talk about how to restructure the curricula to incorporate more diversity, as well as more diversity in the theatre season
& i know for a fact there’s a couple people in DC who want to talk to rob when he’s there for kcactf about the dangers of publicly being an asshole
lets see what else… oh, renewed effort to develop new works with the help of mixed blood or other chicago theatres
oh and they’re gonna form a teaching/learning community with the help of this organization that does that sort of thng for faculty/grads in the theatre department and they’re gonna be working off bell hooks’ Teaching to Transgress: Education As the Practice of Freedom & Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope

yeah it sucks to fail at things


Today In Black History: February 7, 1926 - Historian, author, and journalist Carter G. Woodson Pioneered the celebration of “Negro History Week,” to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass — later to become Black History Month.

Woodson’s reasoning for advocating a Negro History Week was that in his work as a historian (including a Ph.D from Harvard), he noted that the contributions by Black Americans “were overlooked, ignored, and even suppressed by the writers of history textbooks and the teachers who use them,” and that anti-Black prejudice “is merely the logical result of tradition, the inevitable outcome of thorough instruction to the effect that the Negro has never contributed anything to the progress of mankind.”

In 1926, Woodson was ostracized by his contemporaries who insisted that “Negroes” were Americans with the same American history as anybody else — this “logic” was used to continually keep Black culture and history proper out of the curricula of institutions, including those we now know as HBCUs, despite Woodson’s advocacy.

In 2013, advocates of Black History Month continue to be derided with the same “logic” as Woodson was in 1926. Much as in 1926, the people who are most vocal in their criticism of “teaching separate history” today make no attempt to advocate for Black history during the rest of the year.


i literally just wasted two wholeass hours on this theatre student. nah. i need to get my life together. prepare to play bingo.

lemme know if i fucked up any shit. i got heated.


[name deleted]

Sorry, but your argument is invalid. I, as what you would assume as “Asian-American”, because I have “yellow” skin and black hair, they way you categorized Diana Son as an “Asian-American” in your very FIRST post and have the gall to chastise someone for using “African-American” because THE Reverend Jesse James sought to have that term be deemed for the “black” Americans in the 1980s shows you as a hypocrite who has absolutely no knowledge of a past in which you deemed yourself a defender of. Why did you use “Asian-American” when describing Diana Son? Diana, who has deemed herself an AMERICAN playwright, without discerning her nationality. I AM AN AMERICAN, end of story. Because I was born and raised in America, my cultural beliefs and understandings are American, I’m Baptist, you better never deem me Asian-American, just because I look like an Asian. Until you realized that skin color is a completely ignorant view of what cultures are, you will forever be blinded to the fact that OUR generation is fighting for equality by letting go of skin color differences and only recognizing the capabilities of a person. According to Martin Luther King Jr., “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” WHY do you constantly refer back to skin color when Martin Luther King himself did not wish to? All you’re doing is prolonging the fact that we, as a nation, ARE trying to rid ourselves of these inequalities, but people like you wish to keep it around. MULTICULTURAL a term you like to use DOES NOT imply MULTICOLOR. big difference, learn it.

To the color-blind casting, the post has no relevance to the issue above in our department. Do you realize that they wanted to do a lot of other shows that were mostly black or mostly asian? NO? because you aren’t part of the committee that discusses these? You should join it and see why they have to choose what they choose. You HAVE to understand that the department bases their plays on 2 things, the content of the play, and who is in their department at that time.


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