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basic info

my gender identity is ¿¿??¿ ? ?  ¿

my sexual orientation is ?¿¿?¿? ?? ? ¿    ?

this has been a post

difficult name supremacist

i’m gonna stop telling people that ianthe is pronounced yawhn-tay when it’s really ee-awn-tay

it’s not that much different but i need to stop letting people off the hook

i’m a difficult name supremacist

shoutout to emre, astead, quvenzhané

shoutout to my sisters isabeau and isolde

shoutout to anybody anywhere who’s ever had to start out a conversation by correcting somebody and accepting nicknames you didn’t want

you’re welcome in the league of difficult names and it’s an elite group and you’re beautiful

why do you hate white people so much? ive never heard a white person hate white people so much

Asked by Anonymous

1a. http://ianthe.tumblr.com/about

1b. http://ianthe.tumblr.com/tagged/belizean

2. http://ianthe.tumblr.com/post/33146075754/stfuconservatives-vasundharaa-this-is-a

3. image

oKAY, So, we look to be the same size, and I was wondering.. what size do you wear? And what sized underwear? Do you have issues with your panties rolling down? :/ Also, you are seriously hot thanks.

Asked by Anonymous

I think I’m like 16/17 pants, unisex M/L shirt and L or like… 7? in underwear? BUT YES I DO HAVE ISSUES WITH THAT IT’S SO ANNOYING I like don’t have hips or an ass so there’s like nothing to hold anything in place and it’s obnoxious

and no, thank YOU anon

How is Ianthe pronounced?

Asked by alitales

okay well technically like

ee-awn-tay or ee-awhn-tay I dunno if those are different

but I kind of say my own name wrong because I’m lazy or something I dunno I say it like yawhn-tay

it rhymes with dante (hence my blog title)

but it’s like yante

i really hope that made sense

why are you missing a tooth even

Asked by Anonymous

i really ought to make an FAQ page


i’m missing these two and another two in the back because i had baby teeth and no adult teeth

they just didn’t exist

and like i used to have a retainer with fake teeth on it


and that was pretty cool cuz i could click it out at random and scare the shit out of people

but i like put it in a napkin at red robin a couple summers ago and they tossed it and i never got a new one because fuck it 

also i got 4 wisdom teeth out

so i actually have 8 fewer teeth than the average person

yeah the more you know i guess idfk im goofy looking

why do you promote such hate towards thin women? you seem like such an open minded person.. what is your problem?

Asked by Anonymous

i don’t hate thin women, i hate the thin ideal

like… basically all of my close friends are thin and i don’t hate them for being thin, i love them for being my friends

and that’s just it like they’re just my friends but for most of my life i’ve been the token fat friend who exists to make other people look better by comparison

and i don’t fuck with that anymore

i don’t promote hate towards thin women and if you can point out one place that i did i’ll gladly amend whatever it was 

i do promote hate towards belittling the identity, sexuality, intelligence, personality or character of a fat person based on their fatness

i do promote hate towards fat shaming and concern trolling

because those who would have me hate myself so that they can feel secure don’t deserve to feel secure in my tolerance of them