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Recently I developed a tremor in my hands and I wondered if you knew about any resources or tips for doing makeup with shaky hands.

Asked by shortlimbs

oh gosh that’s a good question and something i should work on myself tbh

for like eyeliner doing a dotted line first and then connecting it and using short strokes instead of a big long one helps me, heres some tips i found from other people

1) brace my hand by extending my pinkie on my chin or nose, that gives me some more stability
2) use short, overlapping strokes instead of trying to make a single continuous line 
3) use a brush instead of a pencil, with liquid or gel liner (I find gel easier)
4) take breaks and rest while doing the makeup, especially if I’m doing something precise or elaborate

eyeliner pens are also pretty awesome

if there’s any particular makeup-related thing (eyeshadow etc) you want advice on let me know, i just know eyeliner is the one i have the most trouble with

“ I love lipstick. I want to write an essay about the politics of lipstick. I like lipstick that’s deep, deep red. I like lipstick that’s purple, lipstick that’s black and dark for when I want to dress up my melancholy. I like sharing lipstick with sisters. and I laugh at boys that think I wear lipstick for them to notice, I laugh, lipstick is an art you can’t ever understand. from picking out a color, testing it on the inside of my wrist, pursing my lips during the application of it. I like when I kiss a baby and leave lipstick on their cheek, when you hug someone and leave lipstick on their shirt, when it gets on your teeth and you use your tongue to get it off, when you sleep in lipstick and wake up with it on your pillow case. in 1997 mama left for Ethiopia to see her mama for the first time in 12 years. I was six and I cried the entire way home from the airport. and when we came home there on the kitchen table was the teacup mama had been drinking out of. at the bottom a sip of tea and black cardamom seeds. and there on the rim of the cup the lipstick imprint of my mama’s kiss. ”


nomad manifesto

this is the most beautiful thing i have ever read

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The day i met a new boy from the internet (who I have mutual friends with so less scary) and thus liveblogged my entire transformation from unwashed swine into like 16 year old MCR fan to Steve via text because if you can’t continuously update your best friends on every single second of your life why even have friends

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