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Just stumbled upon this tweet from February: Neil calling out Mental Floss for lightening his skin.

I saw that magazine in mothers market I wanted to throw all the things. unfortunately I am not surprised when this happens to women of color, especially women in the entertainment industry, but for them to do this to a man who makes a living on his BRAIN and sheer intelligence really shocks me. This is how far racism and anti-blackness in the media will go. This far.

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i’ve been awake for 5 hours, here’s today’s roundup:

  • anti-vaxxers claiming that community immunity doesn’t matter and we should all just wash our hands
  • people who support Autism $peaks
  • people attacking me because of my pronoun situation/truscum fuckfaces
  • people arguing that needing medication means i’m not anti-capitalist because i support big pharma
  • tone policing
  • this http://naturaldoctorlocks.tumblr.com/post/81819250806/ianthe-wobblydash-ianthe-here-is-a


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