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I love Evan okay he’s my best friend and I’m drunk and haven’t been home since Thursday I’m a sad orphan child but the moral of this story is don’t fuck with my best friend or ill fight you and win like legit ill cut ur heart out sOOOOOOO

dammit can’t find earbuds wanted to watch justice league oh well

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Behold. South Park changing the derogatory definition of ‘fag.’ Making it synonymous with moron, jackass and douchebag.

Once the old homophobic preachers die out and a generations passes, we’ll be left with this lovely urban definition:

“Fag, noun. Used to describe someone acting with poor, rude and unintelligent behaviour.”


Why nope?

are you fucking kidding? you can’t just take a word and decide that it suddenly doesn’t have the same social context and history of stigma, violence and social isolation it has. that’s like a straight white man saying “hey, you know the word fag, or faggot? yeah, that thing you were called on the playground? That’s no longer a bad word. me and my other straight white friends are going to use it all the time, because it’s our word too, and we have the right to use it!” fuck that though. even if some lgbt people are reclaiming fag and gay, that doesn’t mean people who aren’t gay can just decide that the word doesn’t have social history.

carrie with the truth

but yeah fuck south park it’s just like

every libertarian i know

as a show

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before you ask it says fuck what you heard

this was pitchfork 08 i think

also i dont know what the fuck kind of embarrassing editing i did to the background but i thought it was cool in 2008 so whatever

i miss those ninja earrings



“ [10:39:28 PM] Richard Dietz: i am silently laughing
[10:39:36 PM] Richard Dietz: i dont know the acronym for that
[10:39:40 PM] Ianthe MBD: lol
[10:39:45 PM] Richard Dietz: nope
[10:39:49 PM] Richard Dietz: that’s laughing out loud ”

—    someone who thinks he’s just soooooo funny that he has to quote himself

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