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Amplify Autistic Voices


This is a project of a friend of mine, a parent & an ally & an activist in her own right.

She wants to signal boost Autistic writers-particularly Autistic writers of color. Our visible community…is mightily pasty. She wishes to signal boost the writings of underrepresented Autistics, in their own words.

If this is relevant to your interests, please consider contributing. The hostess, Kerima, certainly has the Kassiane Seal of Approval for what that’s worth (ok, so I kind of want to be her when I grow up. Except Autistic). And please signal boost, pass along, etc.

Is anybody a part of/know of any college anti-racism student organizations that we could start a chapter/affiliate with?

Last night I went to check out this new group called Colorblind that I’d heard was a new anti-racist group. Of course, I already thought that Colorblind was a terrible name for an anti-racist group, but I assumed it had been started by well-intentioned sheltered white folks and went anyway.

Turns out the group is basically just an extension of their Alternative Spring Break trip to Selma and the group isn’t focused on combating racism anywhere BUT Selma and their whole group is going to be raising money/awareness for Selma. Augh. The whole thing was just so… Kony2012esque, yanno? Like they’re putting all the focus on racism (and they almost went the entire meeting without mentioning race which was really odd) in some other place so people here can pat themselves on the back and feel better because we’re not in Selma.

It seemed like their idea of racism was segregation and there was no real intellectual push to examine/combat/discuss root causes, just to try to treat symptoms of the problem in Selma.

So I want to start my own group, and I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of a group with national chapters or started a group that we can ally with or anything like that, because AUGH.

Plus, apparently yesterday morning there was a report on the local radio station about how black men feel such an overwhelming lack of support at this school that they’ve started to band together just to survive on this campus. Oh, I found it.

For young black men headed to Illinois State University, the culture shock of campus life can present a huge challenge. A program called “My Brotha’s Keeper,” helps them maintain their focus on graduating with a degree, despite roadblocks, both academic and social. WGLT’s Jim Browne talks with a man instrumental in initiating the peer-to-peer support group.

That makes perfect sense. I can’t imagine that coming to an 87% white school in a farm town with a loooot of people from Southern Illinois attending would be anything but a reason to fear hostility. I personally am rather uncomfortable being here, but since I pass as white I have no idea how much worse it could possibly be for a PoC on this campus.

So yeah. Any ideas? I’m super involved in Diversity Advocacy here so I feel like we could get a lot of support if we get an idea going, but I’d always like to have other allied groups to bounce ideas off of :)

#wearealltrayvonmartin is a thing now


Fuck. No. We are not all Trayvon Martin. We are not all equally susceptible to being gunned down because we are all seen as suspicious because we are Black, only to not have justice for our deaths. White allies, white lovers, and white friends, I’m going to need you to keep your privilege in check. #weareNOTalltrayvonmartin. Yall did that with Troy Davis and it was #notcute.

I am so sorry that my cousins are out there trying to appropriate damn near everything, if I witness this bullshittery I will immediately collect them so they can stop ruining things for a damn second

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