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So one time my friend Ianthe made this petition.


The petition was written in an attempt to stop Illinois State University’s resident racist moron from representing ISU at KCACTF, where he’s being recognised for Naomi Iizuka’s “Anon(ymous),” which, if you can stomach the irony, focuses on racism, immigration, etc. in America. Why is this so ironic, you might ask? Because the student, Robert Hornbostel, annually celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. day by throwing a party that perpetuates racist stereotypes, in which he asks those who wish to attend to bring things like “grape drink,” watermelon, cornbread, fried chicken… you get the idea.

Aside from Ianthe being attacked for daring to create this petition, Robert Hornbostel has now threatened legal action on my friend, which aside from being so utterly ridiculous that I have to laugh about it, is so missing the point that I can’t even begin to fathom where the hell he got his brain. He would rather contact his lawyers than simply apologise for his disgusting party. He chooses to exercise his white privilege and continue to say that he’s really not doing any harm when the comments on this petition prove otherwise. When Black people are telling you that your racism is hurting them, you need to sit down, shut up, and take notes. When you’re riding the back of a racist society and perpetuating stereotypes under the guise of celebrating one of the most important Civil Rights figures in American history, you really ARE causing harm.

I don’t go to ISU. I don’t know Robert Hornbostel. My only connection to this whole thing (which has exploded into something I don’t think Ianthe expected but which I am so proud of xer for) is only through Ianthe. But we all have a choice to stand up against injustice, and that’s what Ianthe’s doing and that’s what I’m doing. Please sign this petition. Please read Ianthe’s blog where you can find updates on the situation. Please don’t let Robert Hornbostel get away with racism.



i’m like 98% sure that the lawyer thing was a joke tho bc if it’s not i’m just


like i’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt bc i really refuse to believe he’s that dumb

augh i love you all

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    I used to go to ISU and the racist bullshit that goes down in Bloomington-Normal Illinois made me not want to finish my...
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