Ianthe's Inferno




~*~*~ew this page is a work in progress just like me~*~*~

call me ianthe (ee-awhn-tay). or yaya. or yawnty. i’m 21. and a ~grad school drop out.~ 

white-passing belizean kriol gyal who uses her privilege to infiltrate groups of white people and gain their trust before unleashing a heap of knowledge unto their cracker asses. (it’s cool, my best friend’s white, i can say cracker.)

except right now i’m pretty fed up w/ white ppl so expect me to be vehemently belizean for a while like i’m talking i’m about to straight become a belizean nationalist and i’m undoing a lot of internalized racism and identity confusion

my gender identity is an upside down comic sans question mark tbh she/her pronouns are ok or they/them i id as genderqueer i guess i dont know and my sexuality is if ur cute let me touch u but i do have a thing for more androgynous/nonbinary people typically idk just tell me im cute pls

go ahead and try to make me feel bad about being fat. i’ll wait.

i have pretty fuckin bad ADHD (i’m on 70mg vyvanse and 20mg adderall boosters), social anxiety, GAD and i’m autistic but i also had this badass internship with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network they’re awesome okay also fuck Autism $peaks

also i have dermatophagia which is an impulse control disorder which is all fancy words for i compulsively gnaw the shit out of my fingers/fingernails/lips/cheeks and one of my adhd medications actually makes it worse so that kind of fuckin sucks

basically i’m still struggling to escape a fuckton of internalized ableism because all my life people just told me i was weird, wasn’t trying hard enough, needed to apply myself, blah blah blah

we’re all on our journey

we should probably be friends though maybe